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About us

cobo Botanical Specialities GmbH & Co. KG has had its main office in Hamburg since its foundation in 1922 and is considered a successful traditional company in the handling of natural materials, boasting decades of experience in the field.


As importers and exporters, we specialise in the trading of natural materials. In addition to medicinal herbs, we are active on a European and worldwide level in the following fields:

  • Spices
  • Herbal tea materials
  • Natural rubbers and resins
  • Liquorice products
  • Aroma products
  • Natural waxes and
  • Potpourri articles


Since January 1st 2018, cobo Botanical Specialities GmbH & Co. KG has been a part of the Johann Gottfried Schütte & Co. group in Bremen. Now there is the huge opportunity to complement and supplement the product ranges of both companies, with the aim of expending. We nevertheless aim to remain as customer-orientated and high-performing for you in the future.

Good reasons

Quality & Security

Our product assortment is stored at the Werner Bruhns warehouse by the Port of Hamburg. There, the products are separated according to their group and subsequently stored in climate-controlled, ventilated storage rooms or in a temperature-controlled positive-cooling warehouse, which all ensure optimum storage conditions for all of our products.


Werner Bruhns warehouse also has the necessary certification for the first receipt and storage of bio-products. In May 2019 cobo Botanical Specialities GmbH & Co. KG gained its organic certificate and is consistently expanding its organic range. We intend to apply for further quality assurance certificates, which will be planned in the near-future.

Know How & Innovation

Our motivation comes from a love of our products – the plants, herbs and spices of the earth. The processing of natural raw materials is becoming an ever more frequent part of our daily business.


In this field, we work closely with firms that look to reduce wastage and enable a sparing and customised processing of valuable plant materials. All processed raw materials are controlled both before and during their processing.

Flexibility & Speed

Adapting to the wishes and requests of our business partners plays a central role for us and so we try to keep in close contact with our customers in order to be able to adjust to their wishes and requests.


Our warehouse allows us to send out deliveries fast. Our customers greatly appreciate being able to receive their orders within a day and should the product that they desire not be available in our warehouse, we will import it for them direct from the source.


With our long-standing suppliers in the products countries of origin, we strive for a responsible and careful use of resources of the best-possible quality and for the trade of our goods to be fair worldwide.


Social conditions in our supplier countries as well as consumer and environmental protection are also all very important to us.

Product Range

Medicinal Herbs, Spices, and Herbal Tea Materials

We offer a wide range of different medicinal plants, spices and natural materials for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Whether you are looking for Cinchona from Ecuador, Orthosiphon from Indonesia, Saffron from Spain, Spirulina powder from Spain or Kola nuts from Nigeria we are in the position to import these and many more products for you through our long-standing and favourable relationships with our suppliers.


Below, you can find our lists of products that can usually be delivered ex warehouse Hamburg.

Medicinal Herbs

(Other products on request)
Abelmoschi – Seeds (India)
Agni Casti Fructus
Aloe Cap.Mb. – Granulated (min. 18%)
Aloe Cap.Mb. – Pulv. Subt. (min. 18%)
Aloe Port Elizabeth – Crushed Extra Prime
Amomi Paradisi – Seeds
Andrographis Paniculatae Herba
Anisi Vulg. Fructus – 99% (Syria)
Arnicae Flores (Mexico)
Aurantii Pericarpium – Dulce Cut
Aurantii Pericarpium – Green 1/4
Bee Pollen – Multicolour Pure (Spain)
Berberidis Cortex
Boldo Folia (in pressed bales)
Campechianum Lign. – Shredded (Haiti)
Canellae Albae Cortex
Cascarae Sagradae Cortex – Crushed
Cascarillae Cortex
Cassia Fistula – Pulpe / Sticks
Chinae Cortex – Rubrum
Cimicifugae Sinensis Radix
Coccionella – Silver Grey
Colae Nuces 1/2 (West-Africa)
Colombo Radix – Slices
Condurango Cortex
Crataegi Fructus
Curcumae Xanthorrhizae – Slices
Curcumae Long.Radix Madras – Pulv. (3%)
Damianae Folium
Droserae Longifoliae Herba (Madagascar)
Echinaceae Pallida Radix
Eleutherococcus Radix – Shredded
Galangae Radix Sinensis
Gentianae Luteae Radix
Ginkgo Bilobae Folium
Guaranae – Seeds
Harpagophyli Radix – Slices / Pieces
Hennae – Pulv. Black (Iran)
Ipecacuanhae Radix – 3% T.A. (Costa Rica)
Iridis Rhizoma (Morocco)
Kava-Kava Rhizoma – Peelings
Lapacho – Shredded / Sifted
Liquiritiae Radix – Machine Peeled
Liquiritiae Radix – Unpeeled Stick (15-18 cm)
Liquiritiae Radix – Unpeeled Powder
Lycopodii Clavatum Sporae – Powder
Maca – Powder
Mate – Green Normal Cut
Muira Puama Lignum – Shredded
Orleanae – Seeds
Orthosiphonis Staminei Folium
Passiflorae Incarn. Herba
Pineapple Stem – Powder
Piscidiae Erythrinae Cortex
Psylli Seeds Flavi – 99%
Psylli Testa Flavi – 95%
Psylli Testa Flavi – 95% 60 Mesh
Quassiae Lignum – Chips (Jamaica)
Quillayae Cortex – Shredded
Ratanhiae Radix – Shredded
Rosae Buds – Pink (New Crop)
Rosae Petals – Red
Sambuci Nigri Flores Sine Stip.
Sarsaparillae Radix – Cut (Veracruz)
Secale Cornutum
Senegae Radix Sinensis
Sennae Folium Prime 3
Sennae Fructus
Spirulina – Pulv. Feed/Food Grade
Tamarindorum Pulpa Calcutta – 2%
Tonca Beans (Brazil)
Uncariae Tomentosae Ctx – Shredded
Verbena Folium
Vitis Viniferae Folia – Red (Chile)
Yohimbehe Cortex
Yucca – Powder
Zedoariae Radix – Slices

Spices & Herbal Tea Materials

(Other products on request)
Aniseed – 99% (Syria)
Cardamom – Green G2 (Guatemala)
Cardamom – MYQ 350 g/li (Guatemala)
Cardamom – Seeds (Guatemala)
Cassia (KABC)
Cassia Vera “Aa” – Cut (5 cm)
Cassia Vera “Aa” – Cut (25 cm)
Cassia Vera “Aa” – Cut (40 cm)
Cinnamon – Bark CZ4 (Madagascar)
Cloves – CG3 (Madagascar / Comoren)
Clove – Stems
Cubebes Java
Fennel – Seeds 99% (Egypt)
Ginger – Peeled (China)
Ginger – Split (Nigeria)
Guarana – Seeds
Lapacho – Shredded
Laurel – Leaves HSS (in cartons)
Lemon Peel – Granules
Lemon Grass – Green Cut (Thai) (1 cm)
Orange Peel – Sweet
Pepper – Long (Indonesia)
Pimento Allspice (Honduras)
Pimento Allspice (Guatemala)
Pimento Allspice (Mexico)
Redwood / Padouk – Powder
Redwood / Padouk – Shredded
Rooibos Tea – Cut (Long)
Rooibos Tea – Cut (Short)
Rosae Buds – Pink
Rosae Flowers – Red
Saffron – Filaments / Powder (Spain)
Szechuan Pepper
Star Aniseed – HPS (Vietnam)
Tonca Beans (Brazil)

Please ask us for individual tailor-made offers according to your own needs and wishes.


A trustworthy and long-standing relationship with our suppliers is key in allowing us to take the appropriate quality assurance measures as quickly as possible. By including our suppliers into our quality control measures, we are able to guarantee our customers in Germany, Europe and around the world the best quality and a secure supply. Not only are the products important to us but also those that work towards creating them.

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